Stephen’s Aunt Betty Lou, Great Grandparents and the little girl is his Mother

Think back more than 85 years ago when cars traveled along route 66 towards the new West past Lake Mead and the newly completed Boulder Dam and a new restaurant called El Trovatore was just opening. It was a grand family owned restaurant and travel station made famous along the stretch of Arizona highway. What started as this small restaurant has turned into a family legacy of great food and great service. Stephen Ward, the Great-Grandson of the owners of El Travotore is carrying on the tradition with Baristas Restaurant located here in Hurricane.

“My mother told me that as a child my Great Grandparents also built the El Travotore hotel right across the highway which of course is on the famous Route 66.” Says Baristas owner Stephen Ward. “I have hundreds of family photos to share of my mother as a young beautiful lady laying in the hotel courtyard tanning. My great grandparents went on sometime in the 1950s and developed and built the only privately owned restaurant ever built on Lake Mead including boat docs cabins and a housing subdivision called Temple Bar were they had moved a army barrack from Nellis Air Force base and placed it at the highest lot in the subdivision and making it their home. As a young child we all Went to visit them every summer… it’s like the Hoover Dam is part of my Family. I will remember till my last breath the beautiful very long breakfast bar with the stainless legs holding up the blue round soft bar stool tops that stretched forever parallel with the water line of lake mead. The Government only allow for the homes on fed land to be handed down two generations, so when I was about 30 years old or so the home was taken to the ground forever. The restaurant and cabins and docs had long been sold and my Great Grandmother Mary Bell passed at 96.”

el-trovatoreCarrying the torch from his mother who was dubber “the Tamale Lady” because of her incredible cooking, Stephen opened up Barista’s Restaurant in Summer of 2009. Restaurants in Hurricane, Utah seemed bland and boring until Barista’s Showed up. We are a full service restaurant offering the finest  food, and best ambiance. From world class steaks, to mouth watering burger, we have what you are looking for.

The first time you step into Baristas, you are greeted with freshness. From the fresh, homemade ice cream, to the toppings on every pizza, FRESH is what Baristas is all about.

Our business model is to be free of any pressures that would cause our fine food and desert quality to be compromised and to be a non-chain non-franchise independent, amazing, spectacular restaurant with mind twisting ambiance service food quality that no other restaurant could ever challenge. Barista’s is managed with Stephen’s wife and daughters along with some excellent employees.

“I personally guarantee you get the very best at my family’s restaurant and the day that stops is the day I stop. Until that day it is very well known after 7 years I do what I say, I’m outspoken and will battle entire communities to keep giving YOU the BEST!” Says Stephen.

So stop by and relive a little bit of Southwest history with Barista’s Restaurant. We are located right along the main road in Hurricane, Utah, and on the way to the famous Zion National Park. You won’t be disappointed!

We also CATER parties and events both on site at our restaurant and off site at your choice of location. Our facility is great for small gatherings of up to 100 people and can be perfect for parties, birthday gatherings, and family reunions. We also can offer a great place for film crews and tour groups. Call us for more information on pricing and what we have to offer.