img_9743Double Espresso   2.99

Triple Espresso   4.99

Quad Espresso   6.99

Double Latte   3.99 w/flavor  4.49

Triple Latte   5.99 w/flavor  6.49

Quad Latte   7.99 w/flavor  8.49

Double Breve   4.99 w/flavor  5.49

Triple Breve   6.99 w/flavor  7.49

Quad Breve   8.99 w/flavor  9.49

Double Americano   3.49

Triple Americano   5.49

Quad Americano   7.49

Home of the original “Espresso Float”6.99- 8.99- 10.99
-Our espresso with our fresh homemade ice-cream-

The One and Only “Icecreamuchinno” 7.99-9.99-11.99
-Our espresso with our homemade ice-cream topped with fresh whip cream then laced with chocolate syrup.-

“The Rockyroaduchinno” 8.49-10.49-12.49
-It’s our genuine homemade rocky road ice-cream with whip cream, chocolate sauce, and nuts.-

“The Espresso sundae” 8.99-10.99-12.99
-The best of both worlds! It’s a world class handmade sundae on top of espresso!-

“Our Espresso Shake” 7.99-9.99-10.99
-Our gourmet espresso blended into our ice-cream that’s made right here.-

“Banana-Splituchinno” 9.99
-The world class split, and our world class espresso.-

If you like or want the finest espresso drinks money can buy… this is place!

Why? We have the only espresso ever awarded “Best espresso in the world” at the world barista championship, & handmade equipment from Florence Italy & only expert barista’s.

If you want flavored milk I recommend the other guys.